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Silver Willow Sporting Club is pleased to offer the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) as part of their comprehensive firearms training program. 
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Silver Willow Sporting Club is pleased to offer the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) as part of their comprehensive firearms training program.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Successful completion of the CFSC entitles you to apply for a Non-Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (PAL), which is necessary for the purchase of any non-restricted firearm and ammunition in Canada. 

The CFSC is a one day, eight-hour course and is a pre-requisite for the CRFSC.  Silver Willow offers the CFSC on select Saturdays once a month from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Lunch is provided and is included in the cost of the course; students may bring their own lunches if they prefer.  

Recent changes in the legislation preclude anyone from challenging the test – everyone taking the test must have completed the classroom portion of the course.

The PAL must be renewed every five years. 

Canadian Restricted Firearms Course

Successful completion of the CRFSC entitles you to apply for a Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (PAL), which allows for the purchase of all non-restricted firearms as well as any restricted firearm. 

The CRFSC is offered the day after the CFSC, and will typically run from 8:00 am to 1 pm on Sunday. Those registering for the CRFSC must have successfully completed the CFSC first.  

Recent changes in the legislation preclude anyone from challenging the test – everyone taking the test must have completed the classroom portion of the course.

The Restricted PAL must also be renewed every five years.

Anyone taking the CRFSC within seven days of the CFSC only requires a four hour session.  Those who have not take the course within seven days of the non-restricted are required to go through a six hour course. 

If you don't register in person and pick up the book / books, they will need to be picked up or mailed.  There is an expectation that the book / books will be reviewed before the course.  

Classes are limited to 12 students.

Qualified Instructor

Silver Willow Course Instructor Luther Cutts has a strong background in firearms instruction and decades of teaching experience.  He is always careful to make sure that students grasp every aspect of the training before moving to the next section.  

Course agenda for the day

Students are expected to arrive at Silver Willow before 9:00 am and be prepared for a full day of instruction.  

Class time will include discussions around course manual topics as well as handling of deactivated firearms and samples of deactivated ammunition.  The course will comprehensively cover everything from the development of firearms, the safe use of firearms, and current, relevant legislation. The training is designed for individuals with little or no firearms experience or knowledge.

The class concludes with a written exam administered by the instructor; a minimum score of 80% is needed to pass.  Those who successfully pass the written exam will then be required to pass a practical exam.  Upon successful completion of both tests, the student will be given the document necessary for the PAL application process.

Registration and Cost

Cost for the training is as follows:

  • Non Restricted - $195 + GST  includes course handbook
  • Non Restricted Junior (under 18 years) - $152.38 + GST includes course handbook
  • Restricted - $150 + GST  includes course handbook
  • OR $295 for both courses if booked at the same time.

Click here to register and pay on PAY PAL.

Course Dates

Classes are scheduled one weekend per month; all registrations must be confirmed and paid by Wednesday preceding the course.  

Non-Restricted Course  

  • Saturday, August 12
  • Course time 8:00 am till 4:00 pm (minimum), 
  • Individual testing 4:00 - 7:00pm ( approximately) 
  • $195.00 + GST, includes: lunch, coffee, tea and water.  

Restricted Course 

  • Sunday, August 13
  • Course time 8:00 am till 12:00 pm (minimum), 
  • Individual testing 12:00 - 2:30pm (approximately)
  • $150.00 + GST, includes: coffee, tea and water. Bring a bag lunch along

OR register for both courses at  $295.00 + GST 

Register in person at Silver Willow and receive your handbook immediately or register and pay on line and make special arrangements to pick up your handbook. 

It is strongly recommended that students read through the handbook and be familiar with its content before attending the course.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the minimum age requirement to register for a firearms course?

The minimum age of registrants is 18 years. Students under that age of 18 may take the course with the written approval of a parent or guardian. Approval forms must be signed on site, on the day of the course.

2. What happens if I fail the exam?

A test “re-write” will be available at the next class for $75 per test.  

3. What is the cancellation policy?

72 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule. Sorry, no refunds.


For more information please email or call 403.337.2490

Bringing a shotgun or rifle into Canada on a temporary basis is neither complicated nor onerous.  The following is a brief overview of the process – for more information and links to the required forms, please click here.

There are essentially two ways to import a non-restricted firearm into Canada.  There is a one-time process that requires the importer to complete (but not sign) a form prior to arriving at the border.  This allows the importer to temporarily import one or more firearms for a period of up to 60 days for a fee of $25.  The form 5589 will work for as many as three firearms.  If you wish to import four or more firearms, the form 5590 is required in addition to the 5589.

The second process requires the importer to obtain a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) that will allow the importer to import non-restricted firearms into Canada for a five-year period.  The cost of the PAL is $60.  Despite not requiring a form, all firearms must nevertheless be declared at the border.

Mission – To create a unique, safe, outdoor experience for corporations and individuals, in a fun, relaxed and social atmosphere. 


All Inclusive Corporate Team Building

Final number of participants will need to be confirmed 10 days before your event.

Corporate Team Building Event Choices - 50 Clays

“50” ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: $149.00 per person

Includes: 50 clays, 50 shells, shared shotgun, eye and ear protection for each participant and an experienced guide to escort each group of up to 5 shooters. Food Extra, see meal options below.

Please choose your appropriate time slot below: 

*Note the catered BBQ meal option is available for groups of 15 or more.


1. Choose one of our delicious BBQ Rib-Eye Steak or Hamburger dinners

as a compliment to a perfect day at Silver Willow!

For groups of 15 people and more:

*A minimum group size of 15 is required to book a meal.

Your BBQ steak dinner comes with a baked potato, salad, beans, steamed vegetables, garlic bread, fresh baked dessert with whipped cream, tea, coffee, pop or water. This is a fully catered buffet style meal.

BBQ Hamburger Meal – A hearty 1/4 pound all beef patty grilled to perfection and served on a fresh baked bun, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, mustard and relish with a side of homemade salad and baked beans. It’s an “all you can eat” buffet which wouldn’t be complete without a generous slice of our fresh baked dessert.
If there are any dietary concerns or restrictions within your group please let us know.

For Groups Under 15 People

** If you have less then the 15 people minimum to book a catered meal, there is a BBQ hamburger or BBQ sausage option from the kitchen in the Clubhouse. This is not a fully catered buffet style meal as noted in the above option.

2. Rent a Golf Cart

Make your trip around the course more comfortable and enjoyable. $25.00 (seats two people)

Multiplied by $25.00 per cart.

3. Photo package – please book directly with Spin Drift.

Photo Package

4. Winner's Package - $100.00

Finish off your event with a prize package for the top three shooters!

1st place $50.00 value, 2nd place $25.00 value, and 3rd place $25.00 value. All prizes will be ready for presentation at the conclusion of your shoot.

5. Participant Package

Everyone is a winner! Buy a Day and Co. Shotgun Accessories Store gift card valued from $20 TO $50 for each participant. Winners can also apply their gift cards to another sporting clays outing with friends or family.

Terms, Conditions & Policy

Group Organizer’s Responsibility Agreement – to be completed by Group Organizer

NOTE: The person whose name appears on this agreement is assuming full responsibility for the actions of the group and this includes the actions of any and all individual members of the group.

The person signing this agreement MUST be present during the sporting clays event. If the person signing this agreement is not present during the sporting clays event, for any reason, then an alternate person who will be present at the sporting clays event must sign this same agreement, assuming all of the responsibilities set forth and provide a valid credit card to Silver Willow Sporting Club.

In further consideration of Silver Willow Sporting Club agreeing to host our sporting clay event, I, (the “Group Organizer”) agree to the following:

  1. That I shall at all times be liable for and indemnify Silver Willow Sporting Club for any damages, loss or both of any kind whatsoever, caused by the participants in my group, whether to persons or property (including, but not limited to, reimbursement for any loss of time or loss of income by Silver Willow Sporting Club) arising from the use of the power carts, use of firearms rented from Silver Willow Sporting Club, use of the sporting clays course during the sporting clays event held (or to be held) on the below date. As the Group Organizer I am accepting full responsibility for the actions of all of the participants in my group.
  2. I also agree to reimburse Silver Willow Sporting Club for any damages, loss or both (as set forth above) that result from actions or negligence of any participants in my group during the sporting clays event.
  3. I hereby authorize Silver Willow Sporting Club to charge my credit card for reimbursement of any of the damages, losses or both, that occur as a result of any of the actions or negligence of any of the participants in my group.
The group organizer will be required to sign this document in person upon arrival at Silver Willow and before the group goes out on the course.


Please submit your credit card CV number by phone, call the Clubhouse at 403.337.2490.

Your Credit Card information will be used in case of cancellation, liability, prepayment or final payment of goods and services. Thank you.


Payment Policy:

  • Full payment is due 10 days in advance of your event date. (Cheque, Visa or MC)
  • Events booked on short notice (under 14 days) require full payment upon booking, no refunds.
  • 5% GST is applicable
  • An 18% gratuity will be added to all shooting packages and meals for groups larger than 5 people.


Cancellation Policy:

  • In the event that cancellation becomes necessary more than 30 days prior to your event a $100.00 cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If your event is cancelled less than 30 days prior to your event a $200.00 fee will be charged.
  • If cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before your event a $200.00 fee will be charged and the meal portion of your invoice will NOT be refunded.
  • If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before your event a $200.00 fee will be charged, the meal portion of your invoice and the full cost of your course Guides will NOT be refunded.
  • There will be no cancellation fee charged in the event of a weather related postponement with 24 hour notice


Alcohol Policy:

  • Silver Willow is NOT a licensed facility. If you would like to enjoy a drink with your meal you will need to purchase a liquor license at any liquor store (our address is 30133 Range Road 20 Mountain View County). Please bring your license on the day of the event and we will post it for you. Unfortunately we are unable to provide refrigeration space for alcohol, please bring your own coolers and ice. Consumption of alcohol is NOT PERMITTED before or during the shoot, ONLY after your shooting is complete and ONLY inside the venue where your meal is served. Drinking is NOT PERMITTED on the Silver Willow grounds.
  • PLEASE, no drinking after your scheduled departure time.
  • Your respect of our drinking policy will go a long way in helping us continue to extend these privileges.

Questions? Ask our Events Coordinator 403-337-2490

Thank you for choosing Silver Willow
To host your Sporting Clays event !
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